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West End Roofing – Glasgow Roofing Company. Your roof may need to be replaced for a number of different reasons. Maybe you have owned your home for a few years and the roofing area has finally been weathered to the point of needing to be replaced. Maybe you live in an area that receives a higher amount of storms and you need to monitor roof repairs more frequently. Whatever your reason may be, it is always important that you are aware of what kind of questions you should be asking your Glasgow roofing company representative.

West End roofing have compiled a list of questions we expect clients to ask and are happy to answer in the quest for a highly skilled roofing contractor. There are over 300 roofing contractors in the Glasgow area alone, and some will be more experienced than others. You should always look for contractors that are well versed in working with roofing types like your own (same materials/same design) and have recommendations listed in the various online directories.

1. Always ask for certification & insurance
A professional roofing contractor will always inform you that they have valid insurance first & certification, before you even think of asking. This will show that they know exactly what they are doing and are licensed to do so. If you feel like its necessary, you can call the insurance provider to make sure that their account is still in good standing. You should never hire someone to work on your roof unless you can trust them completely. The roof is what protects the rest of your house and should be treated with care and importance. West End Roofing are members of both the European Builders Confederation & The Federation of Master Builders and have the highest level of insurance cover available.

2. Always ask for a written quotation & contract
If something happens to your roof during construction, the written contract will safeguard both parties if anything (god forbid) were to go wrong. Make sure that you have everything you want to happen written down into a contract that both parties should sign. Both quotation & contract ensure a solid relationship between client and contractor with no hidden costs or unfair clauses. West End roofing operate a strict policy on both counts and are happy to discuss client options regarding both areas.

3. Ask questions about the process
Find out from your roofing contractor exactly what will be happening to your house. How much of the roof are they going to try and fix in one day? Do the contractors have enough materials to cover the roof if there are holes when it is raining? What is the time estimate for completion? Will be high noise levels from construction? How will debris be removed from the site? How long will my roofing repair or replacement be guaranteed for. All of these are relevant questions that should be asked whenever you are hiring a roofing contractor. West End roofing will be happy to address every question and provide comprehensive answers which will alleviate any concerns you may have.

4. Will materials be reused?
Some roofing contractors may use old components from the roofs that have been taken apart. For example, try to make sure that your contractor will be replacing your flashing and vent flanges for the roof. Instead of getting new ones, some contractors may recycle old materials. Unless you are getting a very minor repair done to your roof, you should always insist that all new flashing should be installed during the process of fixing your roof. West End roofing would never reuse any damaged materials from your previous roof installation. In some cases slates or tiles may be requested to be kept for minor repairs, but on the most part all re-roofing would be undertaken with new materials and guarantees will be available on each, depending on the nature of the repair.

5. When should I pay?
You should not ever pay your roofing contractor in full until the entire roof has been finished and has been given a final inspection. Not until after that final inspection should you pay the entire balance. Again, make sure that the full balance owed is understood at the beginning and if the contractor runs into any additional costs, they should run this past the client first. The balance should be in part of the final contract that both of you should have signed. West End Glasgow Roofing Company will make sure we take every client through a final walk through before the client has to make payment.

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