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Roofers Glasgow. Clients often approach us with leaking problems in their attic and sometimes it can be a little more complex than replacing a few tiles. Locating the exact cause of water intake from a damaged roof is a delicate job that requires investigative skills and patience (and in most cases a ladder). Water tends to travel, and often the spot directly over where the leak is might not be the direct cause of the leak. In many cases flashing or sealant from another area of your roof will be damaged, creating an opening for water to enter your house at the lowest point on your roofing area.

Once West End Roofers Glasgow do a thorough job of locating the leak and have determined that there are failures in the flashing, we will look to replace the affected area after consulting the owner with a cost & time for repair. The repair itself can be fairly straight forward, but needs to be undertaken with great care to avoiding damaging other areas of the roof and will involve several steps and require you to be very careful.

West End Roofers Glasgow will need to carefully remove any slates or tiles that are covering the flashing, using a specialist tool slid under the tile or slate. We will pry the nails and fixings, being careful not to break the tile or slate. As we work our way around the flashing, our tradesman will set tiles & slates aside carefully for later reuse.

Once your flashing is exposed, we will use tin snips to cut the flashing that is damaged and remove any additional flashing fixings such as tacks or nails. If flashing is held with mastic or roofing cement, we may have to use a scraper and a gas torch to remove it and make the area clean. The area will be fixed by sliding the new piece of flashing underneath the top section. We would be sure to slide it up at least a foot for overlapping so that any water that may back up is still on the flashing, and not getting below or underneath it.

Using roofing cement (or strong bonding adhesive) and a flat knife, the flashing will be sealed, being sure to cover the nails and holes. The tiles and slates would then be located back into their original position. Once the tiles have been secured, West End Roofers Glasgow will need to apply additional sealants depending on the pitch and shape of your roofing area to ensure the whole area is completely weatherproof for many years to come.

It is worth keeping in mind that replacing the flashing is only recommended as long as the roof wood is not rotted. In some cases if damage has taken place over a period of years, leading to rotted wood. You may need to do additional work other than what is recommended here and our professional roofing joiners have invaluable experience in this specialist area too.

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