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Roofing Companies Glasgow. One of our clients is in the process of finishing an attic conversion and asked about the complications of installing a skylight in the attic. It struck them as a great idea to give the room a bigger feel and natural light. They wondered how to prepare the roof to add the skylight? And, Is there a way to properly set up the placement of the skylight to make it as easy as possible to add it to the roof?

Skylights can transform a space like nothing else. Bringing natural light in from above gives a room the most natural feeling possible. Natural light has proven health benefits, and can turn a dark attic storage area into a really inviting living space.

Retrofitting for a skylight is not a small job, though. It is also not a job to be undertaken by a novice joiner. It involves some structural work and obviously a lot of climbing and working high on the roof. If you are not 100% confident of your abilities, this is a job for West End Roofing – Roofing Companies Glasgow.

Ideally, skylights should go in when the house is being re-roofed. we have seen a lot of skylights that were cut in and had the slates patched around them. The patchwork never looks great and the skylights often end up leaking. It is best to coordinate this work so that when your old roofing is removed, the new skylight can be cut in, installed,and properly flashed to the roof, and then have slates or tiles installed around it and properly sealed. With a high quality, name brand skylight installed in this fashion, you shouldn’t have any problems. This is definitely the way to go. Always choose a quality branded unit.

It always helps to read lots of reviews and make sure you are getting something that meets all of your needs and won’t give you any headaches down the road. Check the energy efficiency ratings and consider whether or not you want to use a low-E glass, especially if the skylights are facing south. These windows can bring in a lot of heat as well as light, and depending on the climate you live in, you will want to take that into consideration.

Whether you do it or your roofers install the skylights, you will probably need to cut into some rafters. Make sure that they are properly modified and reinforced so that any load is distributed to the adjacent rafters. Think about how the skylight will fit into the room as well as the spacing on the roof. You’ll want to have something that looks good from the outside as well as the inside. Please get in touch with West End Roofing – Roofing Companies Glasgow for a free site survey.

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