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Roofing Services Glasgow. Skylights and roof windows are an attractive feature in most properties allowing natural lighting into a living area or with a swivel or Velux fitting will help to circulate cooler air in the warmer summer months. Roof windows vary in size, design and function, but one aspect is common and that is a roof window will always perform their specific task better if they are well maintained and clear of debris.

A common request from our clients is to remove pine sap, fallen leaves or moss build up from roofing windows. Fallen leaves and moss build up are generally easily overcome with careful removal techniques and light cleaning, but pine sap is one of the stickiest substances to remove from a surface, and makes such a strong bond, that left alone, simply will not wear off. Fortunately pine sap can be removed with several non abrasive alcohol based cleaning agents. Wetting a microfibre rag or mitt with the alcohol solution and then rubbing it over the sap will break up the goo and separate it from most roofing window surfaces. In Westend Roofing Services Glasgow experience, not all roofing windows are made of glass, when the surface being cleaned is acrylic or a plastic material, we will always rub a small amount in an inconspicuous area first to make sure it does not do any damage.

West End Roofing Services Glasgow also recommend a somewhat gentler, but equally effective remover, in mineral spirits. We would apply the spirits in the same fashion as the other products. Sometimes the sap is so stubborn that it does not want to come up immediately. When this happens, mineral spirits could be the best choice because it does not evaporate as fast as rubbing alcohol solutions. We would let it set for fifteen minutes or so to let it work into the area to be cleaned, then wipe off the sap. Once the gooey mess has been removed, the oil from the cleaning product will be left behind and the skylights will need to be cleaned even more. We would apply a solution of light washing liquid and water to remove the left over residue and dry off the glass or acrylic with a clean rag.

For the finishing touches, West End Roofing Services Glasgow can really make the roof windows shine by spraying the surface with Windex and drying it off with a clean lint-free rag, making sure to remove all the streaks and smudges before we finish the job. We believe preventative measures are better than reactionary procedures – to reduce sap buildup in the future, check to see if there are any branches overhanging the roof windows or skylights. If there are, we would recommend trimming them a couple feet back from the overhead windows to keep sap from dripping in spring with additional peace of mind that there are no chance of branches crashing through in the next strong wind storm. Early spring is the perfect time for trimming, as the trees will not stay dormant forever!

We have hope this has helped you understand the issue of removing unwanted debris from your roof windows, if you have any questions, please get in touch via our contact page. The same process would apply for Bat poo!

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