Chimney Rebuilding Glasgow

Chimney Rebuilding Glasgow from West End Roofing offers a complete chimney repair & rebuilding service. Chimney areas can sometimes be difficult to inspect and are often a neglected area of some properties. A chimney is an important functional & visual feature in many households allowing heating and cooking equipment such as wood burners, central heating and stoves a safe passage to dispose of unwanted smokes and gases. Chimneys are normally located in difficult to reach areas of properties, especially flats where expert craftsmanship is required to access, locate and fix any damage. Our chimney repair staff are highly experienced in all aspects of chimney work, from scaffold erection to the safe removal of debris in restricted and challenging working conditions.

Chimney Rebuilding Glasgow. Our collaborative approach to lining chimneys is undertaken by our team of highly skilled chimney builders. We can rebuild a chimney stack from the ground up or reinstate a stack that was incorrectly reduced in height, supplying a matching brick or sandstone style and assembly techniques from similar aged property’s or flues in adjacent property’s. Chimney rebuilding is common on period property’s where the top course of bricks or mid-feathers have spalling on them and need repairing before lining the chimney. Spalling is where winter weather has corroded the face of the brick and allows moisture to penetrate the brick structure and the brick starts to thin, making it weak and therefore posing a risk that the chimney will loose its structural strength.

Chimney damage occurs in a variety of ways:

– Natural aging and neglect leading to split masonry and dampness damaging your property roofing area
– High winds or storm gust damage, leading to unstable masonry, brickwork & damaged cowls and pots
– Unwanted nesting birds who can severely damage and block your chimney area

Chimney Rebuilding Glasgow. We recommended if you use your chimney on a daily basis that your property’s chimney area undergo yearly inspections and cleaning to ensure that the chimney is allowing gases to escape, in perfect working condition and generally safe for purpose. Even with cyclical maintenance & regular cleaning, soot and carbon can build up and through natural wear & tear the chimney may need a major rebuild for continued safe usage. Additionally, it can also lead to damage, cracks and holes, which will reduce the extraction capabilities allowing hazardous gases and fumes to enter your home. If your external chimney breast, crown or pots are damaged West End Chimney Sweep Glasgow offer a chimney repair Glasgow service.

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