Contract Roofing Glasgow

Contract Roofing Glasgow. At West End Roofing we have a varied breadth of work in our portfolio. We have extensive experience in New Builds, Restorations, Heritage Work, Local Authority Tenders, Insurance Work, Private Landlord Work and Building Contractor Work. We have a proven formulated process for all work tenders, which will outline our overall approach and planned stages of work, delivering competitive and accurate price estimates.

West End Roofing offers the highest standards of workmanship with exceptional customer service. We have an exemplary trading record and are financially secure. Our inspectors of work will visit your site during and on completion of work and liaison with stakeholders throughout, affirming quality craftsmanship and technical competence. West End Roofing have satisfactory public, employers and third party insurance cover and we will adhere strictly to health and safety regulatory requirements.

Contract Roofing Glasgow. Once our site inspector has investigated the technical aspects of the job, considered and agreed to the possible courses of action, clients will then receive a clearly written quote or estimate, giving a fair price for the planned work clearly showing whether VAT is applicable, and setting out the conditions of the contract. West End Roofing will offer clients technical and contractual advice in plain English.

Roofing Glasgow

For added peace of mind, West End Roofing provides a range of warranties and insurance backed guarantees for our clients through our warranties scheme. Warranties are available for large repairs, refurbishment and new roofs and all associated materials. They can be for domestic, commercial and industrial properties. Depending on the nature of the job, time period guarantees vary in length. All details will be made clear on our quotation.

All work carried out by West End Roofing will have a guide on the time to be taken – but this may vary due to bad weather, or if extra work outside the original estimate has to be done. Our employees will try to keep the work site clean but space for storage and a skip may be required. Scaffolding may be required and must be out of bounds to children and any other unauthorised persons.

On completion of work our site inspector will run through the work, refer back to the contract, make sure you are happy with the work, that the area has been cleared up and you have all relevant paperwork and certificates. If you have employed an architect, engineer or surveyor to oversee the work, he should be asked to complete his inspection ASAP, then list any defects and hand these to our site inspector. All waste, scaffolding, etc will be removed in a safe manner.

Please contact us if you have any questions or queries or call 0141 237 3597.