Slate Roofing Glasgow

Slate Roofing Glasgow. While your property’s roof is high above you and easy to forget about, it is very important to check and maintain your roofing area all year round. A slate roof should last a lifetime without difficult or time-consuming maintenance on your part but over time, Scottish weather will inflict cyclical damage especially after autumn & winter storms. To maintain your property’s splendour and traditional character West End Slate Roofing Glasgow offer an excellent maintenance and repair service.

Slate roofs have a long history in the UK, first appearing in the early 1600’s. By the late 1800’s slate was becoming the preferred material for roofing. Slate roofs often sit atop historic buildings in historic sections of a city. Slate colour varies depending on the region, but the most common types are Scottish (Ballachulish and Easdale), Welsh, Westmorland, & Cornish Delabole. Attributes of slate that make it an effective roofing material include – waterproof, durable, fireproof and low maintenance. In addition, slate is so durable that a slate roof typically lasts for 100+ years with regular careful maintenance. Man Made slate roofing is popular and may be more appealing to some property owners depending on each owners budgetary restrictions.

If you decide to re roof your house with slate, match the slate colour with that of your surrounding area. If you need to replace a section of your slate roof, match the existing slate with the new slate for continuity. Our Re Roofing Glasgow page will provide some additional information.

Some aspects of slate roof maintenance are no different from the way you would maintain any roof. Clean your gutters twice each year to make sure they stay free of obstructions. Guttering Glasgow page provides additional information on guttering repairs. Avoid walking on the slate roof if at all possible as additional weight may crack or dislodge roof tiles.

If you notice areas of your slate roof that appear broken or cracked, call West End Slate Roofing Glasgow as quickly as possible to assess the problems. It is important not to allow water to seep under the slate roof or additional problems could occur from water damage and get slates repaired immediately.

If your roof develops issues, these problems can quickly progress to the point where they have a serious impact on your entire property – externally and internally. With basic preventative maintenance, you should be able to keep your slate roof attractive and in good repair for many years. In fact, a properly maintained slate roof may outlast many owners.