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Skylights Glasgow. Installing a skylight or roof window is a great way to add natural light and warmth to any room that does not have a window or where the owner would prefer an alternative solution. A skylight is essentially a glass window designed to be installed on the roof of a home or building. Skylights come in a variety of shapes, styles, and energy efficiency ratings. Many factors are considered when determining the cost of installation for roof windows.

Skylight Installation Building Type – Residential v Business
Skylights can be installed above any room in your property, but skylights are most commonly seen in kitchens and living spaces. Residential skylights are very economical on the whole, straightforward to install. The main factors considered when determining an installation price are the number of stories associated with your property and the pitch of the roof. The steeper the pitch of the roof, the more challenging it will be to install. Skylights on commercial properties are expected to last longer and made of a more durable material. It is also common for commercial properties to have customised, elegant, and large designs which may call for custom manufactured skylights that can add to the cost of materials and installation. The roofs on a business or commercial property can also be much higher from the graound which will add to the cost.

Roofing Material
The type of roofing material on your property has a direct influence on the cost of installing a new skylight. Some types of roofing material may be more difficult to install a skylight on and others may require special skill sets to ensure proper installation. Many manufacturers make their products adaptable to different types of flashings to complement several types of roofing material. Contrary to popular belief, skylights can be installed on a tiled roof, but would require specialty roofing techniques for a leak proof installation. Westend Skylights Glasgow have an experienced installation team who can confidently work with cutting and flashing around a tile roof system.

Number of Stories
The higher our Westend skylights Glasgow roofing specialist has to climb, the more that can be added to the labour cost associated with installation. A property with one story can be relatively easy to access and may not require scaffolding. A two story property requires a minimum of two technicians for installation and some special tools. A three story property will definitely require longer ladders and a custom scaffolding rig which will present additional considerations for transport and climbing up and down.

Number of Skylights
As with most purchases, the more skylights we are contracted for, the lower the price should be for each skylight installation. A couple of installers can install several skylight systems in one day.

Materials Included vs. Not Included
Materials are available in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and design options. Costs can vary significantly for skylights that can be raised for ventilation and for systems that are more thoroughly insulated. Our skylight Glasgow installation service will measure your existing opening and let you know if your dimensions are standard or will need to be specially ordered. Westend Roofing may be able to offer you special savings due to our relationship with skylight manufacturers.

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